Bohm and the Implicate Order

Bohm relates things in the universe to not being random but rather intrinsically linked as a whole, even when seemingly separated.  there is an exercise used to illustrate this point very well…2 cylindrical jars one slightly smaller than the other the smaller one with a crank on top. Place the smaller cylinder in the larger one and fill the space between with a viscus liquid such as glycerin. Place a single  drop of ink in the liquid and turn the crank. The ink will be drawn out to a fine ribbon until it seems to disappear. When one reversed the motion of the inner cylinder the ink will reform to it’s original state.

To me the point here is that as individuals who manage artists and an artistic process we can never feel from the chaos there is no order because there still is and our job is to when necessary reverse the crank and reassemble the invisible to a visible order again. We do this on a reasonably regular basis, and the danger is to get discouraged by the continuation of what seems endlessly revisiting the same issues over and over. In Bohm’s exercise we should find some comfort that we are dealing correctly and consistently with these situations and form me it s an expected part of the job.

For more information see the article:

Lifework of quantum physicist David Bohm by Will Keepin.

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