This site was created to showcase the Production Management Specialty at CalArts School of Theater, myself as a professional and an instructor. It is a place where prospective students are invited to explore the program and its goals, current students and alums can refresh and maintain their connection to the philosophies and ideals of leadership and management.  For students, alums and professionals alike, it is a place for information, conversation, and communication about the philosophy and practicum for managing the artistic process. It is set up for a series of postings, pages, articles and links which will be updated regularly. You are welcome to view, read and comment.

No matter which role in this business we play, our single great purpose is to TELL THE STORY

My personal philosophy is that all Managers in an artistic process are Artists in their own right. They bring to the table an intrinsic understanding of process and how that process intersects with and supports the goals of the company, project, client and artist.

A Manager needs three very basic ideals for success:

  1. The willingness to engage with anyone at anytime
  2. The willingness to be responsible for our actions and the actions of those for whom we are responsible.
  3. The willingness to be wrong, with the conviction that we are right.

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