Dynamic Concepts in Leadership

The context of the concepts noted below is to create a foundation of understanding how to provide the correct leadership and management of a very fluid artistic process.

Dynamic Responsivity, refers to the need to respond to a dynamic situation both in a linear and non linear process. How do we detect when we need to apply the concept and how do we apply the concept.

In many cases we talk about the need to respond or react to s situation in a negative connotation because we are forced in the situation to adapt or react instead of plan. I maintain the majority of situations can be considered at the onset of a project or process by asking the question, “What do I know, what don’t I know and most importantly what don’t I know I know”.

If we borrow a page out of TAW, from Sun Tzu relating to weather as something not in our control which can affect our plan. We can determine through some consideration, any number of things which are plausible, possible or likely to happen. In understanding these concerns real or imagined and how it relates to and affects our process to goal we can employ a level of dynamic responsivity to address all situations likely to happen.


Contextual Dynamics

Relative Connectivity


Developmental Synergy


The concept of synchronicity is not new, but not often explored as most management and leadership concepts aren’t relating to the arts. In fact synchronicity my be most necessary in the successful and sensitive management of artists. So what actually does synchronicity mean. According the dictionary,

the relationship that exists when things occur at the same time…



synchronicity (plural synchronicities)

  1. (uncountable) The state of being synchronous or simultaneous.
  2. (Jungian psychology) Coincidences that seem to be meaningfully related; supposedly the result of “universal forces“.

It is the euphemistic idea of “being on the same page”. how hard is that? One of the most difficult things to achieve, made more so because of the “agenda” present in any given artistic endeavor.

There is no such thing as a casual conversation. Every good morning carries an agenda, a purpose even if it is pure interest in how we are.S

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