The Management Program

The management program at CalArts is possibly the most comprehensive management program in the country. We cover all aspects of managing the process from the POV of the producer, the production manager and stage manager, and we don’t stop there. We understand one of the most important aspects of successfully managing any theatrical project is the successful creation of the relationships with the artists, craftspeople and technicians that make up the team, that is where we excel.

In producing you will learn project development, recognition and establishment of your aesthetic and what that means. How a producer thinks, feels and acts. What are the steps to bring a project from page to stage? You will learn the art and artistry of marketing “getting the word out”, connecting to an audience, area demographics, what relationships are critical for the producer to develop and how do you maintain them.

In production management you will go beyond the technical aspects of production and learn not just what those aspects are but how, when, where to apply them and who needs to apply them as well as how you interface with them. As in all aspects of theatrical management relationships are critical to its success, you will learn to identify and develop the key relationships necessary for the projects success as well as yours. you will learn the specifics of scheduling and the art of budgeting.

In general you will learn the issues of managing the artist, how to connect with them, how to support them, and how to serve the goals of the project. We view the management of the theatrical process as an art form in its own right

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