Reading List

Production Management Track Reading List for Research and Class


Sun Tzu and The Art Of War For Managers           C-PM2, Spc.Tpcs****may be replaced by the Denma translation

By Gerald A Michaelson

Adams Media

Sun Tzu  The art Of War The Denma Translation**** may replace Michaelson

by the Denma Translation Group


The Rules Of Management     C-Spc. Tpcs

By Richard Templar

Person Education as Prentice Hall

Fundamentals of Project Management     C-PM 1-2

By James P. Lewis

American Management Association

Management Basics   C-PM2

By John and Shirley Payne

Adams Media and F.W. Publications

Six Sigma’s for Managers

By Greg Brue

The Future Of Management

By Gary Pamel and Bill Breen

Negotiating For Dummies

By Michael Donaldson

Negotiation   C-PM3 Independent Study

By Lewichi, Sanders and Barry

The No Asshole Rule

By Robert I Sutton


The Leadership Secrets Of Colin Powell   C-Spc. Tpcs

By Oren Harari

McGraw Hill

The Essential Wooden

By John Wooden and Steve Jamison

McGraw Hill

Developing The Leader Within You C-Spc. Tpcs

By John C. Maxwell

Thomas Nelson

Leadership On The Line

By Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky

Harvard Business School Press

Contagious Leadership Workbook

By John C. Maxwell/Equip

The Leadership Challenge

By Kouzes and Posner

The Clinton Charisma

By Donald T. Philips

The Ways of the Shepard

By Leman Pentak


The 48 Laws Of Power C-PM3 Independent Study

By Robert Greene

Public Speaking Handbook

By Steven A. Beebe and Susan Beebe

The Question Beyond the Question

By John C. Miller

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

By Joseph Jaworski, Betty Sue Flowers, and Peter M Senge

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