The Art Of Management

I follow a very basic and simple philosophy:

While we function as managers, we must engage as artists.

Production management specifically and theatrical management in general are art forms in their own right.

Director and designer bring an aesthetic vision of a story. We bring the knowledge of schedule, budget, consideration, compromise, collaboration. We bring the understanding of the goals of the company and how all the gears work together.

We keep our focus on the idea of control. For this, we borrow the definition from Fundamentals of Project Management:

Control is knowing where we are, and where we need to go.

Our great purpose is achieving the goal or helping others achieve their goals by utilizing all of our skill, commitment, experience and sense of purpose to identify and remove objects in the path. We put in place the proper planning, logistic, financial and personnel support that paves the way for success. Our most complete purpose is artistic success. This success is governed with fiscal responsibility, and can measured through the eyes of the artist, the audience, and the organization. In my experience, it is measured by all.

Therefore, to be able to measure the success of a project — to be able to exert control — you must see with the eyes of an artist and engage with a similar rigor.

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