Charting The Course

There is a time when we reach out, not to someone else but in truth to ourselves for an understanding of who we are and what we want from our lives. We seek resolution in interesting places but all for a reason, the sanction of an ideal. Truth comes in many forms, it is up to us to recognize it and to understand how we need to use it, or to file it away for a future purpose. The context of our being successful in our daily lives both personal and professional depends on our belief in ourselves, even if in the moment we doubt all that we do. We can never doubt our purpose one that we alone have entrusted to ourselves, to be complete.

Many great people have gone before us and born the mantle of “leader” with a level of conviction we do not understand even when we recognize it is there. To consider the sacrifice, conviction, determination, and focus seems at times to be unachievable. Yet day in day out they move their agenda forward accomplishing each successive step with what ever amount of trepidation goes with the journey sometimes being aware of the accomplishments of the moment sometimes completely surprised by where they are, sometimes devastated by the lack of progress. With out fail those chosen to bear the mantle of leadership will continue through the mists and misgivings to find away through to the completion of the goal.

G kechely, 7/28/09

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