The Inaugration of President Biden and Vice President Harris

Watching the events of today I am trustingly optimistic and emotionally greateful there will be new era of possibilites for a promising future for us all!

It is a long and uphill battle, one I believe they are both up to. Nothing will come easy, but one step at a time.

Excerpt form my orientation address from 2018 at CalArts…While it embraces the ideas around artmaking, I feel it also illuminates what we as leaders need to represent.

“Good afternoon, My name is Gary Kechely, I am the director of Creative Producing and Management, and teach Production Management

You will hear many things today, a lot of words ideas, names and more. For my part I will be try to be brief.

I want to spend just a minute speaking to 4 things I think are critically important to understand those are;

Communication; How we communicate, and what we communicate is so important, particularly in this day and age. We live and work in a time of heightened sensitivity and awareness. We work here in this institute and school of professional understanding and engagement. We are considered by our actions and our words. Consider how you represent yourselves every day in every way. Always represent yourself with professional respect and integrity.

Collaboration; We work and live in a collaborative artform. We rely on our colleagues and they rely on us for our success. It takes a community to take an idea from page to stage. Collaboration is not just putting your voice in the room, it is also listening to the voice of others and allowing their ideas to be heard and considered.

Community;  We are a community of likeminded individuals who travel a shared path to an end.

Commitment; We make commitments, when we accept responsibility. We make commitments when we chose to be part of something we believe in. We make commitments when we chose too be part of humanity.

I will leave you with some words I find fit new beginning’s; Galadriel’s words to open the Lord of the Rings adventure;

“I amar prestar aen…The world is changed.

Han mathon ne nen…I feel it in the water.

Han mathon ne chae…I feel it in the Earth.

A han noston ned ‘wilith…I smell it in the air.”

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