Moments in Time and Reflections,

We all journey down a path of our choosing, through visions in time towards our future and the goals we have set for ourselves.

We remain steadfastly fixed on those goals and believe wholly in our ability to achieve them. We are driven by a sense of purpose and the need to succeed.

We are also driven by our need to explore and experience. Yet it seems we miss something important far too often…to embrace the moment and appreciate what it offers. For moments are the present and present defines our future. Moments are the blocks we build on and from.

As we journey on we focus on the road ahead not the one beneath our feet which holds for us so many possibilities so many opportunities if we are only willing to open our minds to what it offers. We find we look ahead to what will be, and often skip over what is, we very often forsake what was.

With moments, we must be quick, for moments are just that, moments, and when they are gone they are gone forever and will never be repeated in our lifetime. Though they are fleeting they carry so much import to our very existence, our very being, our way of being.

It is often said “embrace the moment” but have I really stopped to do so, and if I do what will I miss then, how many moments do I get caught up in and lose sight of the next. Well seems to me, and I realize sometimes I state the obvious, we can only live in the present, prepare for the future and appreciate the past. Occasionally we must stop, actually frequently we must stop, look what is beneath our feet, experience the moment and all it may mean, turn around and look from where we came and appreciate what we have accomplished or question what we have not. We have the capacity, what we need is the and the understanding that it is important.

We are interesting creature’s, human kind, we have such a great capacity, once we realize it, learn to embrace it, reflect on it and appreciate what it is, we are truly unstoppable.

So today it begins, hold tight to your vision of the future, but never fear to adapt, experience the moments each and everyone and consider what they mean, and reflect on what has been for it will inform where you are and confirm where you are going.

Welcome to this incredible journey.

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