Response to Fox News LA on Poor Dog Group Funding

Alright, so let’s talk about the insecurities of right wing American thinking and what is the driving force. Let us be clear it is not about supporting art through any means or every means. It is not about government support of the arts or taking money from single mothers through taxation or robbery of any type.

It is about a basic insecurity that they are not being represented in a meaningful way.  That extreme right wing conservatism has lost a voice and needs to be heard, much the way an infant needs a change of diaper.

For those of us who lived through the crash in support of the arts, all arts in the early 90’ this is a familiar cry in the wilderness to be heard that happens with an unpopular administration in government that isn’t feeding the needs of the right wing conservatives who believe any voice other than their own is blasphemy unto the heavens of political prudence and in need of sincere and severe chastisement for the sake of humanity.

Well boys and girls for all of their pontificating, it is only blind fear that they have no voice that fuels their fires of discontent and not significant concern for the plight of single mothers that truly resides in their hearts.

The gift of story telling is older than any of their distracters and serves to preserve a political and social consciences for all who come after. It bears witness to the past present and future desire, ambitions and concerns of the generations dead, alive and yet unborn. A basic history lesson in not fact but emotion, and the very soul of consideration of our existence.

So, let the unenlightened break against the wall of art and performance. Let them fall at the feet of the very stories that tell us all from  any and all points of view, we are a people, a nation, a world who will not be denied the ability to tell the stories we are compelled to tell for the greater good of man, or just the need to contextualize our basic existence from the existence of our detractors.

No one artist or group of artists takes the food off of anyone’s plate or the roof over anyone’s heads. Certainly not in relation to the generals of profit with in the American and world corporate structures who continue to profit on every bag checked every mile flown or driven, or dollar deposited.

We in the arts serve, to illuminate and enlighten, in everyway those things both positive and negative about the lives we lead, the trials and tribulations we face. The very conscience of the fabric of the human existence that requires, no, demands a voice in the basic structure of our existence.

The voice that rails against the status quo and refuses to relent to what is easy, and conservative, and apparent to any who will not lend their voice out of the dark, the waiting light of understanding and belief of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all peoples, ideals and creeds. The right to peruse, without reprisal for belief or conviction the path to truth and understanding. The right to tell the story that needs to be told with out regard to popularity but with conviction to the truth of the story and the conviction of soul that compels the story to be told.

We are artists, politicians, story tellers keepers of the spirit , keepers of the collective conscience and above all, fellow travelers in this journey of the human spirit.

Give us space, give us respect, give our words credence, and above all give us leave to tell the stories that need to be told, for we tell them for all peoples of this great community of humans., brothers and sister one and all.

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