Situational Awareness

The intrinsic value of knowing who we are and where we are going. We must recognize this aspect of awareness in order be able to prevent obstacles to goal achievement. Situational Awareness is critical to our ability to manage a process. Who is in the room, what are they thinking, what is their agenda? What do I know about them, what has happened to them in the last 24 hours? There is no way to answer all of these questions, but there are ways to get a basic sense of attitude, focus, POV etc.

  1. What is their body language like?
    1. Are they sitting up, focused conversational
    2. Are they slumped
    3. Is their hair neat
    4. Are they wearing the usual thing
    5. Are they making eye contact around the room
  2. When spoken to
    1. Do they make eye contact
    2. Are they clear and articulate or stumbling for words
  3. In general, are they engaged with the room or reclusive

All of these are indicators of attitude, sense of self and wellness in the moment.

Situational Awareness Knowledge Center.

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